This website has been created for you to select your 2022 caregiver gift.

Because this has been yet another extraordinary year dealing with a worldwide pandemic, our gift options feature our “Relentless Pursuit of Healing” tagline to commemorate your commitment to getting us through the many challenges we faced together this past year.

Your gift will be delivered to your home in May 2023. You also have the option to forgo the gift to instead donate to the Emergency Assistance Support for Employees (EASE) fund, which is available for eligible caregivers to lessen the financial burden caused by a serious emergency.

The deadline to select your gift is March 5 at 9 pm, when the site will officially close.

For questions, call 508-752-4400 or email

Thank you for all that you do every day to take great care of our patients and each other.

Please refer to the gift selection instructions included in the letter (or email) you received for your personalized login details.